EUR.1 certificate of origin


A document which confirms an export is of whole or partial South African origin according to the rules of origin set by the SADC- EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and/or the EFTA-SACU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and/or the SACUM-UK Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

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The physical certificates are couriered to your specified address in South Africa. One certificate needs to accompany each export to a SADC-EU EPA, EFTA-SACU FTA, or SACUM-UK country for the buyer to benefit from any reductions in import duty tax. This article summarises South African trade agreements and lists the countries that participate in each one. Here is how to fill in a Eur.1 certificate.

To obtain a EUR.1 certificate you need:

  • a South African export license 
  • registration at customs for the SADC-EU EPA and/or EFTA-SACU and/or SACU-M EPA trade agreements. 

You can either get a new import export license and add the required trade agreements or, if you already have an export license, you can amend it to include the required trade agreements. Both options are below. 

Delivery: 2-4 working days*

*Based on standard customs processing times, subject to change

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