Bonded storage warehouse registration


A license that allows a facility or portion of a facility to temporarily store goods that have an import duty, excise, or VAT liability until they are cleared for home consumption or export.


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The Customs and Excise Act offers traders an option to attain large volumes of dutiable (taxable) imports and excise production at once, but declare the goods in increments. Doing so allows companies to manage their tax expenses over a period of time as the goods are required. With a storage warehouse, the payment of customs duties and taxes can be deferred for up to two years.

To function as a Customs and Excise warehouse, a designated area within the company’s premises must be cordoned off, approved according to regulations, and registered with SARS. Customs officials have full access to this area and may monitor goods that enter and leave it at any time.

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*Based on standard customs processing times, subject to change

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