Excise manufacturing warehouse and renewals


A license that allows a facility to manufacture dutiable excise goods. The facility is subject to customs control.

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SARS (South African Revenue Services) has imposed an Excise tax on specified manufactured goods. Goods that incur excise duties and levies are generally products that are considered non-essential (luxury) items and products for which reduced consumption may have a health or environmental benefit. This includes liquor, tobacco products, cosmetics, sugary beverages, plastic bags, tyres, electric filaments, and petroleum. Businesses that intend to produce these goods and incur excise tax are expected to register as a Customs and Excise manufacturing warehouse before manufacturing starts.

Excise goods can be temporarily stored after manufacturing before declaring for home use or export in a customs storage warehouse.

Price: R4,600   (R3,800 for renewal)      

Delivery: 30-60 working days*

*Based on standard customs processing times, subject to change

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