Share certificates (per shareholder)


A share certificate is a document acting as legal proof of ownership of a company, indicating the amount of shares owned by each shareholder.

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Shares are the units into which the ownership interest in a company is divided. Share certificates serve as documented proof of shareholders’ ownership in a company. By law share certificates must be issued by a company after incorporation to its shareholders on receipt of money for capital.

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Do note: Share certificates are not issued by the CIPC, nor does the CIPC monitor ownership of registered companies. The responsibility of recordkeeping on who owns shares and who are in possession of share certificates therefore lies with the directors of the company who control the company share register.

Only one (1) physical copy of a given share certificate may be printed and given to the relevant shareholder when the requirements of their ownership are met. If a duplicate is inadvertently created, the duplicate must be destroyed.

We do not take responsibility for how the exchange of ownership of shares or share certificates are treated thereafter, or how many of the certificates we issue are printed. 

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