Advance Payment Notification (APN) set up on e-Filing


An APN reference number is a mandatory code that needs to be provided to the foreign exchange dealer (bank or forex broker) when an advance import payment over R50 000 is made, as well as to your clearing agent when they clear the goods.

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This setup enables users to access the Advanced Payment Notification (APN) button on their e-filing wherein they can generate their own APN codes. Included is a step-by-step video tutorial on how to generate an APN code as well as a personal consultation with one of our consultants.  Note that we will need the login details of the e-filing profile where the APN button needs to be set up.

This is ONLY needed for:

  • Payments for goods still to be imported – so goods that have not yet been cleared through customs.
  • Payments over R50 000.

Delivery: 12-24 hours

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