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Import export services

Import and export licenseR2480,00Show details

Import Export License Additional Info

Choose trade agreement*

Total: R2480,00
Amend existing import export licenseR1700,00Show details

Amend existing import export license

Choose trade agreement*

Migrate existing trade agreements or add new trade agreements*

Total: R1700,00
Authorised economic operator (AEO) enrolmentR4600,00Show details
Permit for regulated goodsShow details
Goods intended for human or animal consumptionShow details
Advance Payment Notification (APN) set up on e-FilingR2500,00Show details
Advance Payment Notification (APN) Code GenerationR450,00Show details

Business services

Company registrationR980,00R1280,00Show details
VAT registrationR2980,00Show details
SARS representative registrationR850,00Show details
Personal income tax registrationR650,00Show details
PAYE, UIF and SDL registrationR1200,00Show details
BEE affidavit (micro-enterprises only)R350,00Show details
Company name reservationR280,00Show details
CIPC annual returnsShow details
Company amendmentsR450,00R850,00Show details
Business bank accountR280,00Show details
Digital Copy of CIPC Registration Documents (Company Disclosure)R250,00Show details
Share certificates (per shareholder)R350,00Show details
Foreign exchange once-off registrationShow details
SARS representative registration in-conjunction with a customs productR850,00Show details

Bonded transport, clearing, and freight industry

Remover of goods in bond, transporter, consignor bond and renewalsR3800,00R5600,00Show details
Clearing agent (customs broker) registrations and renewalsR3800,00R4600,00Show details
Deferment account application**R3600,00R5600,00Show details
Carrier RegistrationR1000,00Show details


Please select a minimum of one modality

Total: R1000,00
EDI RegistrationR4600,00Show details
Cross border permitR3370,00R9620,00Show details

Foreigner services

Company annual maintenance packageR3500,00Show details
South African subsidiary companyR2030,00Show details
Company registration with foreign directorsR980,00R1280,00Show details
South African branch registrationR2230,00Show details
Customs agent registrationR2500,00R4380,00Show details
Import and export registration for foreignersR2500,00R3980,00Show details
Foreign Road Haulier and linkage to SA agentR5600,00Show details
Foreign Carrier RegistrationR2000,00Show details


Please select a minimum of one modality

Total: R2000,00