From R750
SADC, Eur1, Form A certificates

From R950
Permits for specialised cargo

From R1450
Specialised customs registrations


How does this work?

  1. Fill in your online application above or give us a call on 021 850 0967.
  2. We will send you an email listing the requirements for your permit or rebate.
  3. Send the necessary documents and payment proof to us.
  4. Sit back and relax as we do all the work for you!

Who needs to apply for a permit?

While most items may be cleared through customs with only your import/export customs code or license, certain items are regulated by customs. Items are normally regulated if there are safety or security concerns or if the government wants to control the quantity of that item moving into or out of the country.

Depending on the item the types of permits issued may be a permit from a government department, a letter of authority from a safety regulator or a registration at a governing body. Examples of goods that require permits include second hand goods, tyres, electronic goods, animal products, dietary supplements, medicines, scrap metal etc.

Who needs to apply for a rebate, drawback or refund?

A rebate is used for duty free imports of goods used in manufacturing. A business can apply to register as a rebate user if the item they are importing is used in manufacturing AND has been published in customs rebate book OR is used to manufacture a product that will be exported.

A drawback is used to claim back the duties paid on imported goods that were used in manufacturing and later exported.

A refund is used to claim back the duties paid on imported goods that were later exported in the same condition as when they were imported.

Who needs to apply for EDI or ACM?

EDI stands for electronic data management. All clearing agents or businesses that want to clear goods electronically at customs need to register for EDI. This becomes compulsory if more than 10 items per month are cleared through customs by one business.

ACM stands for automated cargo management. All commercial transporters (road, see sea and air) need to be registered at customs in order to enable this process.

Who needs to apply for SADC, EUR1 or Form A certificate?

The above mentioned documents are types of certificates of origin that certify that an item, or a significant portion of an item, originates from South Africa. These certificates are generally used when exporting goods to certain countries and allows the buyer to pay less import duties.

SADC certificates are used for exports to specific countries in Southern Africa, EUR1 certificates for specific countries in Europe. Form A certificates are less commonly used but may be required for exports to a developed country complying with the general system of preferences (GSP).