Currency Converter

International trade by default requires doing business in more than one currency. Make converting calculations for any foreign currency easy by using our instant online Currency Converter below.

Do be aware that the amount stated on the currency converter excludes transactional fees, taxes and commissions. The amount stated is based on a standard rate at the time of calculation. The exact amount payable or receivable on your international transaction will depend on the exchange rate and transaction fees you incur at the time of payment.

We recommend using this Currency Converter as an resource for quoting and costing estimations.

To use the Currency Converter:

Type the figure you want to covert into the top field without commas or spaces.

Use the dropdown menu of the second field to select the currency you want to convert from.

Use the dropdown menu of the bottom field to select the currency you want to convert to.

The converted value will automatically be calculated and will appear under the “Results” heading.

Currency Converter

Ensure your international transactions are SARS and Reserve Bank compliant the easy way, by working with your own foreign exchange broker.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your forex broker will open a foreign exchange account for you. This account incurs no monthly fees and requires no maintenance from your side. You only use it when you need to make or receive an international payment.
  • Forex brokers negotiate highly competitive exchange rates – better than what you’ll get from PayPal, your credit card or a generic bank’s forex division. We’ve found the saving on the exchange rate to be 0.5%-2%.
  • On average, the transaction cost charged by a forex broker is 75% less than what you’d pay at a generic bank’s forex division.
  • Your forex broker is like a private banker, but without the fees. You’ll be able to call them directly to set up payments, and ask them any questions regarding your transactions.
  • Your forex broker is there for you, not the bank. They have a vested interest in making sure your payments are done on time, correctly and at the best possible rate.

Because a forex account managed by a dedicated broker makes international payments so easy, simple and affordable, we include one FREE with every import export license.

Don’t worry if you already have your import export license. You’ve not missed out.

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